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Band history. Big decision: Superlative or understatement?

Well, let’s stick to some facts. A State of Grace hail from Hanau/Germany, and it seems that everybody from that town plays in at least two bands (no kidding!) so the founding of a band was only just a matter of time.

Fast forward: After some line-up changes the band gets renamed to A State of Grace in January 2009. Somehow the music had changed over the years, and a new name symbolizes a clean cut. Approximately 50.000 names must have been on the list of possible band names, but the idea to be unique on the one side and being just one state of grace among many was convincing enough. Integrating, not excluding.

Since then, the band has played over 80 shows, was on tour twice in 2010 (Better than Nothing Spring Tour and Bonanza Style Summer Tour) and once in 2011 (And the Savant Starts to Drink Tour), and recorded their debut EP „And the Savant Starts to Think …“ in truly DIY-fashion.

In mid-2015, the line-up changed again and simultaniously a new home has been searched for the four superheroes.

At the moment, the band („Elwood, the band!“) is working on some new songs which are meant to see the physical light of day in the near-future and is preparing for upcoming shows.


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